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Sublime hangs on linux 3126


Sublime 3 build 3126 hangs on my machine. Immediately after starting Sublime hangs.

I removed the config folder, copied my license and restarted Sublime. At first it works fine. I installed distractionfree and removed it as I didn’t like it. At this point Sublime hangs.

After restarting Sublime seems to work again.

Sublime never before was unstable on my Linux desktop. Is there anything I can do to help tracking down the bug?




A heads-up, I’m not using Linux…

I’d appreciate a bug report on Github, should the issues be somehow related to the distractionless plug-in.

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Sublime hangs on OSX

On another note, if you didn’t like distractionless maybe DistractionFreeWindow works for you.



Hanging for me too, I’ve deleted the cache and index directories and the session files (in ~/.config/sublime-text-3/Local BTW). Still hangs, as soon as I try and type after a few keystrokes it hangs.

Build 3126. Can I provide soem log info to help here?



Ubuntu Gnome 16.04.2 LTS, fully updated packages. It’s only happened for the first time today and I’m using the same plugins as a few days ago when it was fine. Not sure what can have changed.



Same here, 3126 and 3125 on two different machines.
Downgraded to a previous version, problem gone.
Linux Fedora 25.




I have had the same thing. I seem to have traced it to the latest STINO (Arduino Plugin).
I tried 3114, 3124 and 3126 (current) as well as 3131 - all have the same Hang issue on Ubuntu LTS 16.04.2.

I have Vintageous, Git, Github tools, GitlabIntegrate, MavensMate and Vintageous installed on 3126 and everything is AOK.