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Sublime do not keep window size and position between sessions


When sublime is maximized, then closed, then opened, it gets back to maximized. Correctly.
But when is in a custom position and size, then closed, it gets back in another random position and size.

Would it be possible to have it get back to last windows position and size? Or even better set in preferences the coordinates and dimensions for starting position?

An incredibly amazing improvement would be to be able to set default starting position for different monitors. For instance I would have it maximized when running on the laptop screen, but in a custom position and windows size when display goes to the external and much larger monitor.

I hope it’s properly described.

Thanks for reading and thanks for the amazing product.



I haven’t seen any problems with restoring correct windows positions during the last months/years with ST4 on Windows.

If you have any problems you should probably be a bit more specific about the version of ST you use and the platform you are on. Maybe some info about monitors and/or desktop environments (Linux?) would be useful for debugging.

With those information you could open an issue at:

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I am under Ubuntu Linux, currently version 22.04
I started using Sublime around 2015, always under Ubuntu, and as far as I can remember it did never restore the windows size and position.