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Sublime 4 only maintains a single tab for a file and jumps between windows


In Sublime 3, I would usually group a bunch of tabs per project/window, and sometimes there would be one file opened in multiple windows that was either related or I forgot was open, which was perfectly fine since Sublime would always reload the files whenever I focused back into those tabs/instances, regardless of which I happened to navigate back to.

However, now I’ll have dozens of windows open over the course of days/weeks/months/…/millennia and I’ll go to open a file as I’m working through my current thought process, and it’ll just bring some random window to the top where I happened to already have it open, and I’ll lose my train of thought because I now have to navigate back to my window, I’ll lose where I was in the previous window (I’ll have to drag that tab out into a new window so I can return focus of that window back to the original tag), and I’ll also lose my window order (the last window is no longer the window I expect/want it to be, the last-last window is no longer the window I want it to be, etc…).

This is not ideal and I don’t see any relevant options to change this behavior.



You can control this behavior using the "open_files_in_new_window" setting.



Excellent. Yeah, I remember seeing the options before and after but not actually processing that one, with its rather large footprint. Thanks.



Actually, this is still undesireable. Before, if the top window of Sublime already has a tag for that file, it would just focus Sublime and switch to that tab. If it did not, then a new tab would be opened in that current window. Now, a new window is always opened with one tag. I’ll have to drag that tab into the window I was working in where I wanted access to that file.

I’m using Linux/XFCE/Manjaro.