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Dear Sirs,
My name is Dmitry, I am from Russia and I have recently started using Sublime Text 2. Before I start I must ask you to forgive me for any misspellings and grammatical errors, as my English is not very good.
I have really enjoyed using Sublime Text 2 and would very much like to help with its development. I used to use Dreamweaver and I found it very useful that various associations (.xml, .js, .php, .css etc.) were assigned specific icons. I am not very familiar with Mac but I am aware of the fact that in Windows 7 file extensions are hidden by default and I would not like to open them as it would affect all the files which is undesirable.
Using and on the basis of Dreamweaver icons I drew my own icons representing various extensions for Sublime Text. Please see attached a psd mock-up; it should enable you to add to this set of icons the names of file extensions that you require.

Compilled lib with icons for Windows: (281 kb)
Icons fow Mac (.icns): (310 kb)
Icons for win32 (.ico): (271 kb)

Photoshop project PSD: (472 kb)

I would also like to somehow assign these icons to .exe application Sublime Text**, but I am not sure how that can be done. Personally, I do this through .icl file in the registry (I can do the same for Mac if required).
The software used to create the icons:

  1. I exported/imported the icons through Axialis IconWorkshop
  2. I drew the mock-ups in Photoshop
  3. I assigned the icons to the registry for each extension through WAssociate

I will be very glad if the developers consider my suggestion and will apply it to the software design.

I was also wondering if you would be able to answer the following question; how does one customizes the highlighting of syntax? I need “<?php" "?>” and “<?" "?>” to be shown in red or in bold because I am working with layouts and there are many php-inserts in html.
Thank you for your time,