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"subl" not working properly for macOS Catalina


It’s been about a year since I last used Sublime Text 3. I recently upgraded my OS to Catalina and Sublime Text 3 to the latest (3.2.2 build 3211). After the upgrade, the command line “subl” doesn’t seem to work properly anymore.

Below outlines the sequence of events when I execute the “subl” command:

  1. The “subl” process opens up the Sublime Application whose window is behind the current window.
  2. The Sublime application window is blank. The file provided to the “subl” command does not get loaded.
  3. If I close the application window by clicking on the “x” on top-left hand corner, another Sublime window opens up immediately.
  4. In order to close the application, I have to close both the “subl” process and the Sublime application process via Activity Monitor.

Help is appreciated. Thanks.



I can’t reproduce this on Catalina, though they did change a lot of permissions in that release. A reinstall may resolve your issues.