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Stop Tracking / Remove File or Folder


Is there a way to stop tracking and remove a folder from within Sublime Merge (or Sublime Text) ?

I might just be missing something obvious, but I ended up just adding the folder to .gitignore and then dropping to a terminal for

git rm -r --cached path_to_my_folder/

I couldn’t see a menu option, context menu option, or command palette shortcut to let me do the same thing



Hi @mrsean2k,

Thank you for using Sublime Merge!

Currently the recommended approach for ignoring files is to directly edit the .gitignore file.

As for the combined ignore + remove, I’d suggest filing a feature request on our issue tracker if you’re interested in having the ability to do this directly in Sublime Merge :slight_smile:
Here’s a related issue:

For completeness, you can also add custom git commands (that operate on individual files) to menus in Sublime Merge. See:

- Dylan

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Hi Dylan,

Editing .gitignore is fine - not sure if a custom command could be any faster than just doing that - and untracking a folder is pretty infrequent.

It’s really confirmation that I hadn’t missed something obvious or that there was a way to run arbitrary git commands from the pallette that I wasn’t seeing. Still finding my way around the interface a bit.

I’ll check the links tho, thanks




To add to @djohnston’s answer about custom git commands:
add this file to Packages/User/File.sublime-menu (in windows this is inside “%appdata%/Sublime Merge/”)

        "caption": "Remove from git tracking",
        "command": "git",
        "args": { "argv": ["rm", "-r", "--cached", "$path"] }

Now when you right click on a file/folder, you will have a custom context option to remove the file.