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Stash accidents in sublime merge best way to resolve?


I keep doing this by accident:

I do alt + tab to go into merge forget to push ctrl + s to save file in sublime text, accidently creating a stash in sublime merge, the only way I have found to get rid of the stash is to ‘drop stash’ but this then deletes all my work in the other file, not usually an issue as most the time I can do ctrl + z in sublime text to undo everything. Is there a better and easier less risky way to get rid of an accidental stash in sublime merge?



Actually think I worked it out, is it just pop stash I need to do?



You got it. stash pop is correct then.



Thanks for that



How do I disable the stash keyboard shortcut? I keep pressing Ctrl-S by accident :wink:

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Sublime Merge supports the same set of configuration files as Sublime Test.

You can create a Default.sublime-keymap (or edit the) file in the Packages/User directory. The following dummy key binding will disable the git stash call.

        "keys": ["ctrl+s"],
        "command": "",
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