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Standalone web browser from Sublime HQ


Hi everyone,

this issue is a bit off topic (as it is not a feature request of ST/SM), but I’ll post it anyway, as I am missing this so much. Moderators: feel free to remove this topic if you feel to do so. :wink:

Ever since I have discovered projects and workspaces in ST3, I wanted a web browser with workspaces in JSON format. I have searched the web and the only way I could accomplish this was using Workona, but:

  • it is a web service (it saves all the data on their servers);
  • it is quite slow (note that my Internet connection is very poor, max real 3 Mbps download; officially 10/1 Mbps);
  • I cannot create backups myself (only by backuping the entire browser data folder).

I wish Sublime HQ would create a standalone web browser with this functionality. It may requ9ire too much time to develop and support a project like this, therefore it might a better idea to create such a plugin to existing web browsers. That however might be even harder, as even Workona has troubles in this front, as Mozilla (Firefox) does not like some of their stuff (do to being proprietary and sending the data to their server, I suppose).

Nevertheless, I would even buy such a browser/plugin/extension if it would use JSON projects/workspaces (like in ST3) and I could backup them separately (just like I can do it in ST3).