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ST4104: ESC to scroll to cursor not working


Hi all.

In ST 4104 (and 4103, not 4102) the Esc key to scroll back to the cursor position doesn’t work anymore. There’s a problem or I’m not aware of some change?



In general esc doesn’t scroll to reveal the selection even in ST3. Do you perhaps have a plugin providing such functionality?

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No, I haven’t. That’s weird.
Now the problem is my muscle memory :slight_smile: so the question becomes: how can I change the key binding for Goto -> Scroll -> Scroll to selection menu item, currently Ctrl+K Ctrl+C? I cannot find it in the default keymap configuration.



It looks like that menu item in ST3 is mapped to the show_at_center command. So all you have to do is bind it to some other key other than ctrl + k, ctrl + c in your user keymap file.

    "keys": ["ctrl + enter"], // As an example, put your desired key binding here.
    "command": "show_at_center"
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Thanks a lot!