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ST4 writing incorrect line endings in config files


When updating config files, it looks like ST4 is forcing the modified lines to have LF line endings in certain cases, instead of matching whatever the file is using. e.g. I’m using Sublime on Windows, my config files are in a git repo, and my .gitattributes is set to “* text=auto”. As a result, files are checked out using CRLF. I just installed a new package via Package Control (read: I’m not editing “Package Control.sublime-settings” by hand), and got this diff as a result:

Notice the CR being stripped on lines 5, 16, and 22. I’ve noticed this happening in my Preferences.sublime-settings as well (in the “ignored_packages” list and final closing brace).



I’m not sure, but this might be caused by the global setting for line endings. See if changing the "default_line_ending" setting in Preferences: Settings does what you want.



I don’t believe it is. (it’s currently set to “system”, and is not overriden)