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ST4: Use Selection for Find > Find Next gets stuck on regex match mode?


I’ve noticed this happening frequently recently, but I’m not sure when it started or how to reproduce (ugh! the worst kind of bug report!): I often select a variable in PHP (e.g. $foobar) and cmd-e (Use Selection for Find), cmd-g (Find Next) to find the other occurrences, and nothing happens, even though I know there are other matches in that document.

If I select the text minus the $ it will work, but this isn’t ideal as sometimes it has matches I don’t want.

If I open the Find dialog, and turn on regex match mode, then turn it off again, it then works as expected. I can cmd-e, cmd-g on that $foobar variable and it works fine, and the behavior sticks across documents and projects until it randomly stops working again, requiring me to toggle regex match mode on & off again.

I do use regex match mode in Find every so often, but 95% of the time it’s off. And every time I run into this issue, when I open Find, it’s not turned on — but toggling it triggers the fix.

Anybody else seeing similar behavior? I’m on the ST4 dev channel, currently build 4131.