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ST4 - Unable to pin files with ST4 on Windows Taskbar


Since upgrading to ST4, I am unable to pin files to SublimeText anymore.

With ST3 I had a bunch of frequently used files pinned there - these all disappeared, and I am unable to pin any.

It was super handy having really quick access to some key files and I’d love to get this back…anyone know how this would be possible?



Pinning files to ST taskbar item works fine for both ST3 and ST4 portable on my Win10 21H1 machine.

As soon as ST4 is installed via (installer), pinning stops working for all instances (also portable).

So the reason for this issue must be related with something the installer does.

I was able to track it down to following registry key being added.


The key contains


These are the files which can still be pinned. All other files are rejected.

Adding a string value for .txt enables pinning for text files.

So there are two options:

  1. Add all file extensions, which are to be supported (maybe many of them are out of scope for core ST installer as support is added by plugins)
  2. Removing SupportedTypes key from registry to enable pinning for all files.


Awesome - thanks so much. I just renamed that key, in case it ever causes issues, but I suspect it won’t…



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This has also worked for me. Thanks!