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ST4 selection behavior - how to modify


Happy ST 4 prose-writer here. It’s working well for me.

One new default needs to be turned off and I just need a pointer how to do that. When I select text, the selection seems to be automatically storing the text into the clipboard, and a little icon of a text page pops up indicating I can drag the selected text to a new location. I’d prefer the cut/copy/paste functionality return to the standard way. Also, when I’ve selected a few paragraphs, I’m having trouble turning OFF that selection. i.e., one simple left-click should release the selection, but that’s not always working. Any help/thoughts appreciated.


        // When drag_text is enabled, clicking on selected text will begin a
	// drag-drop operation.
	"drag_text": false,
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Fantastic. Thanks a lot, kingkeith.