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ST4: php label jump out side when i press tab key

php -> tab ->jump out :(


You will need to create an override for the snippet that produces <?php ?> when you type php and press tab. Here’s a diff for what needs to be done (so that hitting tab again get’s you out of the php snippet).

--- Shipped Packages/PHP/Snippets/php.sublime-snippet	2021-04-02 13:30:54
+++ Packages/PHP/Snippets/php.sublime-snippet	2021-06-10 10:37:05
@@ -1,5 +1,5 @@
-	<content><![CDATA[<?${TM_PHP_OPEN_TAG:php} $0 ?>]]></content>
+	<content><![CDATA[<?${TM_PHP_OPEN_TAG:php} $1 ?>$0]]></content>
 	<scope>embedding.php text.html - source.php</scope>
 	<description>&lt;?php … ?&gt;</description>

You can either create the override manually or install OverrideAudit to make it easier to create overrides (as I have done for the above).