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ST4 packages redundancy, deprecation, and removal


Congrats on shipping ST4! Years in the making and a great execution!

I have ~15 packages installed, some of which might be old, previously deprecated or now redundant with ST4. There’s not an easy or straightforward way to look up what I should or should not keep.

For example, a few years ago when i was working with React, I needed syntax highlighting for JSX files and installed JSX. Then I think I read Emmet 2.0 added support. Now it’s native to Sublime 4. Doesn’t seem like I should keep the old JSX plugin, right?

I see another package called AutoFileName, which the version is from 2014. Maybe ST4 already has a this kind of feature?

And another package called ES6-Toolkit v1.0.2. Surely it’s not necessary now.

And so on…

One problem is trying to even find the source for, let’s say, JSX package. I had to list the packages, look for the version, then search for it which led me to a link to the Package Control repository which includes a link to Github. I can see the last update is sometime in 2018 so that makes me think this isn’t necessary to keep considering version 4 has it natively.

I’m sure there are other packages which I’d spend the same amount of time trying to know if I should keep or remove. Maybe this topic is a feature request, maybe it’s just a notice to see if others already know a better solution.



For ST4, you don’t require any additional JSX packages. it is now shipped by default (along with TypeScript & TSX)

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After installing ST4 my JSX Code was not highlighted syntaxically correct, until I reinstalled “Babel”

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There is no code snippets after setting JSX syntax



I still use AutoFileName, but does ST4 have file system completion natively now?



no. (reply has to be >= 10 chars)

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