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ST4: Package control is only for Python 3.3?


Am I right that the Package Control plugin works entirely in the python 3.3 world in Sublime Text 4? The plugin <data_path>/Installed Packages/0_package_control_loader.sublime-package does not contain the .python-version file. I tried to create a parallel structure: <data_path>/Packages/0_package_control_loader/.python-version, with the contents “3.8”, and it resulted in the opposite: now package control only works in python 3.8, with all the 3.3 plugins unable to use dependencies.

So, what to do if I want to use Sublime Text 4 with package control for both 3.3 and 3.8 plugins? Is it possible?



No. Only py33 plugin can use dependencies at this moment.

You mean dependencies? No. It’s py33-only at this moment.



There is a branch for py38 dependencies support if you want to give it a try:

And report issues there.



Thanks @jfcherng for quick response! Yes, I mean dependencies. I just realized that I can still use the newer ST4 plugin API with Python 3.3. For some reason I thought that the new APIs are only available in Python 3.8



Note the four-point-oh enables Package Control to run on python 3.8 plugin host and reorganizes dependencies to be installed in the dedicated Data/Libs folder, so 0_package_control_loader is no longer needed.

It does not yet support python 3.8 dependencies (what we call “libraries” as of PC 4.0).

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Just it case it’s not clear from the above, it’s perfectly fine to have packages that target the newer plugin host and Package Control will install them just fine regardless of what host it happens to be running in; it’s only packages that require dependencies that are locked to the one plugin host currently.