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ST4: indexing causes app choppy


I am having a problem on MacOS M1 when indexing is enabled.
Everytime a job to index a file is invoked, the app is choopy and frozen for the time the indexer is executing the job. I can clearly see it in “Indexing Status” window and when I disable indexing the problem disappears completely.

Anybody to help on this?



How many files do you have in the side bar? You can also see the number of files indexed in the “Indexing Status” window.



I limited what to index but it didn’t help.

index "Users" is using 126976 bytes for 804 symbols across 5830 locations

My sidebar (home dir) has ~40 files and ~50 subfolders.
It doesn’t matter whether sidebar is visible or not, app gets frozen when the text “Idle” changes to “Indexing”.



I would strongly suggest to not add your home folder to the side bar. Sublime Text needs to watch every file all folders in the side bar recursively and that gets expensive with a huge amount of files. Though 5k locations isn’t very large, perhaps there’s a lot of files that aren’t getting indexed.

We can certainly do better in this situation - I am currently working on changes to that effect - but there’s only so much that can be done.

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