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ST4 has hijacked "ctrl+æ" (it's a Danish letter) and I can't get it back? (solved)


Hi there,

I use a Scandinavian keyboard, where I have used the keybinding “ctrl+æ” for expand_selection_to_quotes.

{ “keys”: [“ctrl+æ”], “command”: “expand_selection_to_quotes” }

Since updating to ST4, however, using this key brings up a navigation menu that jumps the cursor to certain keywords in the current document, that to me seems random.

I don’t understand this, since I thought my key config would override this sort of thing. Does anybody know what’s going on?

Regards, Emil

On a Lubuntu 20.04 machine.



Keyboard shortcuts in ST4 were changed to be more portable between keyboard layouts, as such special characters like æ can’t generally be bound. You can see what key event happens when you press that key by enabling input logging using sublime.log_input(True) in the console.



hmm ok it seems like in ST4, when pressing
it gets translated into:

So i can set that to expand selection and it works again.

(the æ key is located on the home row under the left pinky so binding controls for that key is important for efficiency)

thank you for the suggestion.