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ST4 Autocomplete removing "\" before LaTeX commands


Since the update to ST4 whenever I press Tab to autocomplete a LaTeX command, it removes the " \ " at the front of the command.



Results if I Tab to autocomplete:


Anyway to solve this issue?


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I am using a different plugin (LaTeXBox) but it had a similar issue. Here is my understanding of the issue: Sublime Text 3 would not replace the tab trigger “\” when completing the snippet, as a result if you type “\” to complete “\begin” you will end up with “\\begin”. As a result, plugins like LaTeXBox wrote their snippets without the “\”.

Since Sublime Text 4 fixed the issue, this had an unfortunate side effect of making the workarounds fail. My workaround is to edit the plugins to fix the behavior.

I think a proper solution would be for plugin authors to offer different versions of the plugin to Sublime Text 3 and Sublime Text 4 (or maybe to detect version in the plugin?).



Just would need to add a version check to return proper format depending on ST version.

So something like if int(sublime.version()) >= 4000 then return with backslash else without

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This issue solved the problem for me!

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Where should we add this?