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ST3: License not syncing


I have multiple computers that I use during my day. These computers are kept in sync with Dropbox (and the use of symlinks). In a recent update, it asked me for my license key again. No problem, entered it. Everything worked great. I switch to my other computer (made sure Dropbox was already synced) and on first load, ST3 asked me for the license again. I assumed because the 2nd computer just updated ST3, it was because of that. Switched back to computer 1 (after a Dropbox sync) and the license was asked for again.

It seems like the license key is now only allowed per machine.

I am syncing “~/Library/Application Support/Sublime Text 3/” into Dropbox.

Before posting, I made sure that the license was per-user and not machine. Based on

System info:

  • ST3 Build 3054

  • Mac 10.8.5



I believe I remember Jon saying at one point that the license is xored with a machine ID to prevent people from copying the saved license file from machine to machine. Perhaps trying ignoring the license file from your syncing? I can’t imagine it changes very much. :smile:

Also, you may be interested in reading if you use Package Control.



Licenses are indeed xored with a machine ID, but it’s just to prevent inadvertently sharing the license key if uploading to github or similar.

If you save your license key in plain text as $data/Local/License.sublime_license, then everything should start working as expected: while license keys are saved in xored form, they are read in either xored or plain text form.


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