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ST3 - How to disabl new comment line on return from a commen


Hi, I’d like to know how to disable this functionality:

//this is a comment

If I place the cursor at the end of that comment, then click return… the next line will automatically start as a comment, and I have to uncomment before I start writing code.

//this is a comment
// <- this should NOT be a comment after return key press

I usually always write 1 line comments, so this is really a pain in my workflow :frowning:

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If I’m not mistaken, this isn’t built-in functionality – so it’s likely caused by a plugin. If by chance you’re using DocBlockr, this can be disabled by adding the following to your DocBlockr User Preferences:

"jsdocs_extend_double_slash": false
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THANK YOU! that was Driving me nuts lol! :smiley:

EDIT: Could a mod fix my title? No idea why I miss-spelled it like that, this is helpful.



Thank you, he asked the exact question I had and you answered with the exact solution I needed.