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ST3 crashes constantly with OSX 11.1 beta (20C5048k)


The question is not what use you have of a bare ST. The developer asks you to start with a bare ST because he needs to triage a possible bug and he does that by eliminating possibilities. Being a smartass isn’t going to help him with that. Every which way that you’re not doing as requested is a waste of his time and energy and likewise yours. He is not getting the data points he needs to do and you are not going to be helped because he can solve your bug. So this whole business of you thinking you’re smarter is going nowhere. Quite the opposite of sensible. Yes I’m quite harsh. But in this case @bschaaf is the one that knows his business. Follow his lead.That is the fastest way of getting your problem fixed.



Well, my first idea was simply to communicate something clearly many people are now going under… I’m neither a beta tester nor a smartass, but simply trying to communicate what I do in the shortest and most direct way. @bschaaf gave me an idea I’m now more or less following and the reason I explained is quite clear ( I don’t know if you have time for testing Sublime with M1) but I don’t have the time to do it, as I earn my money doing different things than that. I could understand @bschaaf comments and position, but I have not a clue about what is yours.



It seems the source of crashes is

SublimeLinter-clang 2.2.0

When I active it, the crash is in minutes. With Python linter, for example, I’ve been working for hours without a crash. The rest of packages seem not to crash



I’ve substituted clang linter by

SublimeLinter-cpplint  1.0.11

and everything seems to go fine…



I’m having the same issue. ST 3.2.2 on an M1 Mac running macOS 11.0.1. It crashes, seemingly randomly. I can’t find any pattern to why or when it crashes - it can be after a minute of use or two hours of use. And it usually crashes when I’m just typing text, not when using any kind of menu/utility.

I don’t have the SublimeLinter-clang plugin installed. So I don’t think that that is the correct culprit. Maybe just chance that it hasn’t crashed since disabling that?

I’ve now added all of my installed packages to ignored_packages and will report back.



Happens to me as well. On OSX 11.1 (not beta now).
I’m using sublimelinter, but can’t afford to disable it for a few hours right now.
@adamalton will appreciate to see your test results.



It still crashes, less, but it does. So, well, my hopes are on new ST4? Nobody says anything from here (except we are smartass)



Thanks @juanfal
It crashes for me a few times a day, about once per hour maybe?
Luckily I’m handling it, having the startup time of sublime nearly instant thankfully
It is quite annoying to stop mid-work and also usually I’m using a line or two since the last save

I guess you’re right and we’ll wait for an M1 ST4 version…



Since the crashes seem to be caused by plugins, an ARM port would not help with this as those plugins would either still be running the same x86 code, not work at all or have the same bug that causes the crash.



I’ll ticket this to Apple. Only in some situations they take it and solve. I didn’t know plug-ins had binary. Ok



Fast but it actually beachballs way too often to be usable :frowning:

As I understand we will not get any updates for it anymore?



Considering the crashes/beachballs are most likely caused by plugins (You can confirm this by reverting to a freshly installed state), there’s no amount of updates that could fix that. That being said ST3 won’t be getting any more updates and ST4 is planned to have a native macOS arm port.



I’ve been doing some more testing on this. I can confirm that if I put all of my plugins into the “ignored_packages” setting then everything works fine (except the lack of plugins :grinning:).

I’ve been gradually adding them back one-by-one, making sure to use ST3 for long enough each time to be absolutely sure that the issue isn’t happening.

I haven’t managed to add them all back yet, and unfortunately my M1 Mac needs to be returned for a replacement because it’s got a hardware issue (which I’m pretty sure is unrelated, but who knows!).

My suspicion is that it’s something to do with SublimeLinter sub-plugins (i.e. the different language variants for SublimeLinter). I don’t have the SublimeLinter-clang plugin which @juanfal had, but I do have other SublimeLinter plugins.

Once I get a replacement machine I’ll continue my testing and report back.



I managed to stop crashes entirely by setting sublime linter to lint only on save.
I recommend this feature to anyway, have had no crashes ever since, and I’m working for at least a week like that.



Thanks a lot… I’m not having as many frequent crashes with Python as with C, I use both, so I’ll try your trick. At least it will keep you on a well grounded path, with no surprises. I’ve been switching to Terminal and repeating “killall plugin_host” command after each beach ball crash.



I’m experiencing the same issue with a MBP M1 and Mac OS 11.1 (20C69): ST3 randomly ends up with a spinning beach ball of death. plugin_hosts seems to be the culprit.

I don’t have all but a half dozen packages installed. I’m going to try the SublimeLinter load_save setting instead of background.