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ST3 conduct search within 'find result'


Is that possible that I do another "Cmd + shift + F’ within a ‘Find results’ tab again?



unfortunately it is not possible to filter results further like this in ST - the options are to use a normal find on the context lines or use a third party tool that supports progressively narrowing down the files to search. Depending what you are searching for each time, maybe its possible to write a clever regex that will achieve what you want though



Hi kingKeith,

Thanks for your reply.

I also got a question related to ‘find results’.

When I use ‘Cmd + shift + F’, in the results page, it says I got some matches, but it won’t show the matches, instead, there’s only one line showing ‘’.

I did some research online and can’t find the cause and solutions.

Do you have any ideas how to resolve this problem?



Sublime won’t show you the matches in a file that it thinks is binary under the assumption that it would just be random gibberish. Regular text files can fall victim to this if they happen to have characters in them that Sublime thinks makes them binary:



Hi OdatNurd,

is there any workaround solutions for this? or I have to use a different editor. FYI, I try the same thing with the same file at Ultraedit, which works fine…



You should still be able to open the file manually and do the same search inside. You may have to use File > Reopen with Encoding if opening the file also makes Sublime think that it’s binary, since it will open it in the Hexadecimal encoding in that case.

Apart from that, I don’t think there’s any known way to tell Sublime that the file is not actually binary except to not have raw control characters in it, although I could be wrong.