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ST still alive?


I would be deeply saddened if SublimeText was ever sold!! However, it has been over two months without a single update… :frowning:



[quote=“wbond”]Jackzon is Arjan.

I deleted the post last night. It is the same thing he’s posted about 15 times before. Trolls suck. Please don’t feed the trolls.[/quote]

Seriously. I stopped coming to the forums months ago because of all the negative noise. Instead I got my ass to work using the joy-to-use-and-blazing-fast editor that Jon built.

Very curious to see what Atom turns into, Github has a great design sense and knows how to build fast & solid software.

But I’ve been very happy and extremely productive using ST daily for the last three years. I can remember Sublime crashing only a few times. Got my $70 worth and many times more even if Jon never releases another update. Got so old hearing “Why don’t you communicate and/or constantly update! This software is dead! I’m outta here!” over and over.

I endured this with Textmate, Espresso, Hit List … and of course similar nonsense is all over the app store. The sense of entitlement is out of control.



Great, so now please leave Arjan.



Another worried customer here :neutral_face:



It really amazes me the fact that someone here has deleted my previous comment (and ban my user account in the way) as a measure to fight back a well-written, thoughtful, an respectful comment as I honestly think it was.

That kind of energy should be, i suppose, used to improve communication skills other than repressive techniques against their user-base.

BTW, my previous message stated that, beside the love i have for sublime as a product, no communication and a cumulative un-fixed bugs was the leading cause for companies to ceases its very existence. I saw that happening in the past over and over… and i don’t want this for sublime, because it changed the way i look text editors forever. We all know that.

I think that the point here is not to have Jon to tweet everything he does, to the point of being detrimental of his work as some people pretend to make out of threads like this (meaning time is finite and you have to choose where to spend it). What we are asking, instead, is just to know what the plans for sublime are, in order for us to know if it’s worth spend time in this community from here on.

Do I make myself clear?



I second this and truly hope that your earlier post (which I noticed missing) was not deliberately deleted by the moderator(s) of the forum.



Thanks, I would say that censorship is the third leading cause for companies become extinct. Seems like a desperate last resort.

Anyway, I hope all this can be amended from now on… at least, I know for sure that all this could be easily avoided with some single, every now and then, reports from Jon. Not that time-consuming at all.



I am afraid that it’s exactly what happened. What else could it be? It is a bit discouraging and sad, but I still have hopes for Sublime Text. It’s still faster and better than Atom, TextMate, TextWrangler etc.

I’m a customer and of course I am worried since the project had no updates in a long time and communication with customers has pretty much ceased to exist.



Still alive…




[quote=“excalibur1976”]Still alive…[/quote]

Well, the word on IRC #sublimetext is that ST HQ is bankrupt. Could someone substantiate those claims?[/quote]

Well, I read somewhere that Jon is a space alien determined to conquer Earth by getting all the programmers in the world to rely on his editor, then triggering a secret switch that will instantly disable it, destroying the software industry. Could someone substantiate those claims?

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I have it on good authority from my Uncle Bob that the government is using Sublime to keep tabs on us…true story…



It’s really interesting how all one-post users are coming with all these interesting infos…



Full ACK



Pretty sad to see that some posts are removed. Whoever does the forum moderation: not cool man, not cool.



When posts get removed, I just look crazy unless you see the context of the reply… :frowning:



I do moderation here quite a bit. My most common action is to delete the spam topics that pop up pretty regularly.

The only other thing I’ve ever done as a moderator is to deal with the ONE troll we have here: Arjan. I’ve only ever removed posts from him. He keeps posting the same thing over and over again, even though he has already gotten responses before. I have told him his pattern of behavior is not welcome here, yet he persists to do so. I will continue to delete posts from this user until his behavior changes. If he wishes to start contributing to the community in a productive manner, I will have no reason delete his posts. If he continues to demand answers about the future of Sublime Text and printing support, under the guise of different user accounts and different “personas” (in a recent post he was a technical writer, before a programmer with a giant repository), then I will continue to delete his posts.

As with most trolls, I can only imagine his intention is to be annoying and frustrate people. I appreciate open conversation among this community. I have no problem people posting frustrations with Jon’s or Sublime HQ’s style of communication, or providing honest feedback. I have no direct stake in the Sublime Text game - I am strictly a member of the Sublime Text community and have never been paid or received special treatment from Sublime HQ. I just really like Sublime Text, and consider it to be the best text editor I’ve ever used. I want the community to be a place where people can have conversations and get help. I think it is completely appropriate to remove posts from a person who insists on trying to drown out useful conversation with an apparent ax to grind. You will find that Arjan/Jackzon/belfordt/Kaniken/whatever still has posts on this forum about his displeasure with Jon’s communication style, with the ST3 indexing performance and lack of printer support. Feel free to use Google to search the forum if you don’t believe me. I have not removed his voice with his concerns. I have, and will, continue to remove repetitive posts about these issues. He’s posted them before, and they have been discussed. Posing as new users and trying to stir up a hornets nest is dishonest and not welcome here.

Obviously if the general Sublime Text community disagrees with my actions, I’d be happy to hear your concerns or suggestions. Personally, I find this drama surrounding the troll and all of these brand-new one-post users talking about the bankruptcy, extinction, etc of Sublime HQ to be getting rather old and annoying. It should be rather clear from previous behavior that Sublime Text sometimes goes through quiet times of communication. Jon traditionally has not been a super-public figure. I am sure Jon has seen the concerns that some members of the community have expressed. If anyone wants to chime in that they would like more updates from Sublime HQ, I think that is fine. Just, please, don’t spam the forum about it over and over again.



Roger that. Agree :wink:



Some people apparently don’t appreciate irony. As to “brand-new one-post users”, I hope that that doesn’t mean that only frequent posters are allowed to have opinions.




Should be: