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ST on the Mac doesn't know when the carpet got pulled out from under it


On my Mac, if I’m editing some document with an application and then I use the Finder to move the document elsewhere, the application always seems to be able to keep track of it. If there are unsaved edits before the move is done, then when I do a save it “just works” (you can confirm using e.g. TextEdit). If I try the same thing in ST then when I do a save I end up with a dialog box because it’s lost track of where the document is. I’m going to stop short of saying this is a bug, but it’s certainly different behavior than normal on a Mac.

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Yes - it appears I raised a duplicate issue. Hopefully this ST bug can be fixed soon. Hmm - I just noticed the almost 4 year old date on your issue. Darn, that’s not a good sign…