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ST Forum Not Offering Non-Standard Character Entry . .


ST Forum is not unique in this shortcoming.

Xenforo forum software package is one of several notables not having support for characters entered via non-English (US/UK) keyboards.

French Keyboard : ALT GR + [ + u - This should be umlauted u but it turns out to be: ü

German Keyboard : [ + u - This should be umlauted u but turns out to be: ü

I realize that this is not priority as English is the lingua franca for IT stuff.

But it is available within Stack Exchange forums and perhaps it might not be too difficult to offer it.



On my end I see umlauts, is that not what you see?:


All the umlauts work as expected: äöüïëÿ. Perhaps you have a font issue on your system.




My admin account has no issue but the user account somehow does, despite all Settings relating to keyboard and languages being - as far as I can see - the same . . .

What I see is below:

So it’s not on ST Forum’s end.




When I disallow the browser to render web pages in their natural font, the problem is removed.

But the question remains: why must I use a workaround in a user account and not have any need of it on an admin account ?

No answer yet.

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