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Split the sidebar!



Is there any way to split the sidebar so that Open Files and Folders are two separate panes that can be individually scrolled? I would rather use Open Files instead of tabs, and having Open Files always visible instead of having to scroll it into view all the time would be very useful. :smile:




We’re not the only ones that would really appreciate this feature!

To my mind, this seems like a straightforward UI tweak. We may have to wait another 8 years though…



Is this something really that difficult to build or is it intentional? I don’t get why this thing is being ignored for 8+ years… It’s not just one thread begging here

How do you personally manage to navigate lots of open files without it, by wrangling with the tabs?

Look at VSCode for example - their Explorer is exactly what we need, open files are in a separate pane, tree view is always scrolled to the current file. Other than that Sublime looks marvelous to me, and VSCode more like a dumpster fire.

Please, make that little tweak, we’re not going to leave!