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Spellcheck meta tag description specific not working Sublime 4



How do I get spellcheck working in the meta tag description specific of my website in Sublime Text 4?
In the preferences I can set it as meta.tag but it it works on every line of code on the page:

"spelling_selector": "markup.raw, upercase, source string.quoted - punctuation - meta.preprocessor.include, source comment - source comment.block.preprocessor, -(source, constant, keyword, storage, support, variable,, meta.tag), meta.tag, text.pug",





If you look at the scope of the content attribute of the <meta name="description" tag, you’ll see that it doesn’t get assigned a special scope by the HTML syntax definition, and thus can’t be targeted specifically for the spelling selector:

you may choose to use a scope selector like meta.tag.inline string.quoted.double.html, but that may be too broad and flag up lots of false positive spelling errors.

My suggestion is to log an issue at requesting this attribute on the meta description tag would be given a specific scope, because being able to spell check it seems like a good idea.

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