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Spell checking APIs


To avoid reinventing the wheel I’m wondering what the available APIs for interacting with spelling checking are? So far I know:

I can use the following commands to jump forwards and backwards through bad spellings:

  • next_misspelling
  • prev_misspelling

To enable and disable spell checking the following setting can used:

  • spell_checking

To add words to the added_words list and ignored_words lists the undocumented commands can be used:

  • add_word args {'word': '...'}
  • ignore_word args {'word': '...'}

Removing words

What I haven’t found are commands to remove words from those lists. I’ve tried remove_word, etc. to no avail. Are there undocumented commands for these actions?


Is there a way to get a list of candidate corrections to populate a autocomplete box?

Other APIs

What are the other APIs if any? Add bad words, corrections, etc.



Just found this