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Specifying colors for tabs and spaces in color scheme?


I am currently using Material Theme with its on color scheme and the only thing I am missing is being able to change the color of tabs/spaces ( “draw_white_space”: “all”).

Is that possible? Thank you in advance!

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SELECTED TAB COLOR Theme-Scheme-Settings

AFAIK the whitespace color is actually the foreground color with 35% opacity.
You can adjust the opacity in the .tmTheme file


#333333 is the foreground color, and 40 is the opacity in percentage
so in this case, the whitespace color should be around #333333 x 40% x 35% = #e3e3e3 on the white background.

The result color is not quite exactly but you got the idea

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But that will change the foreground color’s opacity aswell? That is not something I want, :confused: Thank you for your reply btw.

Edit: I tried it. Changed this:

<key>foreground</key> <string>#eeffff</string>

to this:

<key>foreground</key> <string>#eeffff40</string>

Nothing happened o.O



Tested it a bit more, it kinda works but not really, setting it to 100 (opacity) got me black color but anything else seem to have absolutely no effect -.- Thanks anyways.


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This is the one that actually working. Thanks!