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Sort content tree view



I’m discovering SublimeMerge after years of SublimeText happyness and bought the licence, just amazing work !

I have a question anyway:

When clicking a commit, we can then access the content, tree view and view all files then right click, open in editor. But this tree view is shown sorted like nowhere else, purely alphabetically being folder or files etc.

How can I sort this view like in any explorer, alphabetically and by type ? With folders on top, then files by type ?




This is unfortunatelly impossible at the moment. Furthermore the file being opened in the editor is always the one from the currently checked out worktree. It’s not the one from the specific commit.



Arg, this make this view quite unusable then …

Yes I saw it, and think it’s better like that :wink:



The whole content tree stuff acts a bit weird atm. It just doesn’t start feel sublime :wink:

Yes I saw it, and think it’s better like that

I know it from GitExtensions and honestly miss a function to just open a single file from a commit, which is an easy way to quickly get the whole content of an earlier revision without checking out the whole commit.