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[solved] Undesired things on top of my code



I have something running in my sublime texte but i can’t figure where it come from.

It’s pretty annoying, i would likle to get it off

Here some Screen shot :

Does anyone have a idea what is it ?
(sorry for my english, it’s not my birth langage)

Thx for you time



That’s definitely a 3rd party package’s doing. What you can do is ignore packages one by one to see which package is adding it. You can use Package Control: List Packages to know all the packages you have installed & putting the package name one by one in ignored_packages of your User preferences setting.
My suspicion is that it might be Emmet but I am not sure.



What is your Syntax set on? Plain?
Try change Syntaxt to the language you use - JS?



@pokfpoewm => Sometime, i have to code in php file but writing js code

@UltraInstinct05 => You were right ! it was Emmet ! i uninstalled it and now it’s fine ! thx you so much :slight_smile:

Big thx both of you for your time to helping me