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[Solved] How to: Quick select in every line between first and last for me


Windows keyboard.

What I want: I established caret for the first line chosen by me, then the last line chosen by me, something pressed and the carriage appeared on all lines between the first line chosen by me and the last line chosen by me.

Quick select many lines

I know that Ctrl can hold and click on every line to a mouse. But if there is a lot of lines, it can take a lot of time. Can I do it faster?




If you mark a selection of multiple lines, you can select Selection > Split into lines (or press Ctrl+Shift+L) to convert the multi-line selection into a bunch of single line selections each with a cursor.

Depending on the text in your file that might leave the cursors in places that are not very advantageous for editing. So another thing you can do is hold down Ctrl and then drag the mouse with the middle button held down; that will drop a cursor on every line while you’re dragging.



Thank you very much!



Other solution: Ctrl+Alt+Up and Ctrl+Alt+Down:


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