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[Solved] Help testing PR for Haskell Syntax Rewrite


[EDIT]: I didn’t realize each PR is submitted under a new branch. I switched to the correct branch and it works properly.

Hey guys,

I’m trying to test out a PR I found on github/sublimqhq to rewrite Haskell’s syntax, and I just wanted to make sure I’m doing it properly.

To test it, I tried the following:

  • cloned the repo that was requested to be merged
  • symlinked the “Haskell” folder containing updates to a new folder under ~/.config/sublime-text on linux
  • changed the I changed the “name” value in the Haskell.sublime-syntax file and made sure the updated name displayed when I opened a .hs file

However, I still see syntax errors in some of my local projects. For example, the code highlighted with red below, with nvim treesitter highlighting for comparison:

Also, when I test other changes that the PR has commits to address, the source is still appearing as incorrectly highighted.

Can anyone see anything I’m doing wrong?