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SOLVED : Connecting to company github repository (MacOS)


Undoubtedly newb question, so I am prepared to take the heat.

An example company repository is

I was using GitHub client and hated it. I switched to Fork and was asked to provide a personal access token. Fork works fine.

But I want to use Sublime Merge to complement my Sublime Text.
I’ve used Sublime Merge successfully LOCALLY - but I can’t seem to get it to connect to the company repository.

I go to Clone Repository
Define the name and where I want it
And Clone times out.

I’m sure I need to put in a personal access token or define login credentials - but I’m never challenged for them in Sublime Merge (as I would have expected via AUTHENTICATING VIA HTTPS).

So I built a ssh/ key.

Great - NOW Sublime Text comes up and now asks for username / password (? why now?)
I enter it, and now get remote: Password authentication is not available for Git operations.
remote: You must use a personal access token or SSH key.

FYI - deinstall / reinstall does not fix this issue.




Started from scratch by deleting

  • all .ssh files
  • .gitconfig
  • all keys and personal access tokens in github


Everything works SO FAST and flawless.

Lesson learned. Sometimes you just can’t fix, you need to scrap and build new.

several hours of trying to fix… 10 minutes to scrap and rebuild new.
Hope this saves the next person all of those hours and they can get up and going in 10 minutes!

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