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Soda Theme - New Sublime Text 2 UI theme


Soda Dark is really pleasing the to the eye Nice Job



Really, do you think panels could be just a bit darker in “Soda Dark”? …I wish they were, they’re a bit too light for my taste :S

(Just a bit, to match the status bar tone)



I think I’ll be removing the show close button display on hover, in favour of matching what the latest dev builds have. Which is: If show tabs is on the tabs always show and if show tabs if off, they never show. That what you were hoping for in terms of behaviour?[/quote]

Actually it doesn’t matter as long as I can turn of close buttons completely. I keep hitting them by accident when using mouse.



Cool. If you update to the latest version, and have your “show_tab_close_buttons” set to false, you won’t ever see the close buttons now, hover or otherwise.



Ok, good to know. I’ll look at making the change to move it to /Packages. Will update here when that happens, and via the github page as people who git cloned the theme will get broken image references until they relocate their theme folder from inside /Packages/User. That’ll be fun :wink:



PLEASE NOTE: Theme folder location has now been relocated from “Packages/User” to “Packages” in the latest update

The theme has now been updated to work when placed inside the Packages folder instead of inside Packages/User. If you have cloned the theme into the User folder, you will see a broken theme (with red backgrounds) on the next git pull. To correct this issue, move the “Theme - Soda folder” from inside User to inside Packages.

See GitHub: Theme location issue and “Sublime Forum: Theme location discussion” (this thread) for more details.



Change also on github Soda design screen, the User/ path :smile:



Try a refresh…everything looks updated to me on github, including the documentation.

Thanks for all the great work buymeasoda!



I’ve been playing around with this with some success. It seems though, that it only applies the last loaded Widget.sublime-settings file to take effect. Is that the expected behaviour?

I have the assets set up like this:

    /Theme - Soda
        Soda Dark.sublime-theme
        Soda Light.sublime-theme
        /Soda Dark
            Widget - Soda Dark.tmTheme
        /Soda Light
            Widget - Soda Light.tmTheme

From here, I was hoping to have the Widget.sublime-settings file loaded that related to the selected theme.

So if “Soda Dark” was loaded, it would ideally use the Widget file from “Soda Dark/Widget.sublime-settings”, which contains a single rule pointing to the tmTheme file that allows control over the text fields.

I’m guessing the way things are set up that it pulls in both Widget files inside “Theme - Soda” and then whatever the last one pulled in, being the one that’s applied?

If that’s the case, it looks like I’d need to break the theme variants into their own separate “Packages” level theme folders if I want per variant widget control.



Good point, Widget.sublime-settings isn’t actually a great option for this. 2088 will now read from ‘Widget - Soda Light.sublime-settings’ if the current theme is Soda Light.

There’s a bunch of other theming changes in 2088, which will unfortunately break Soda again. Things should settle down now on the theming side of things, so hopefully that’s the last of the breakage. The next regular build will be out in a few days, which will resolve the issues with 2076 and Soda.

Let me know if you’d like a patch for the Soda themes to integrate the rules for the Lion style overlay scroll bars.



The sidebar is no longer working correctly in Soda with 2088. Hope we get a fix soon, I’m addicted to Soda. :smile:



… said Jon.



I’ve fixed the light theme for 2088, for anyone who has no patience: … lime-theme



[quote=“rdougan”]I’ve fixed the light theme for 2088, for anyone who has no patience: … lime-theme[/quote]

Thank you!



Great, I’ve started to play around with this in 2088. Looking good so far.

I’ve made some adjustments to light and dark to accommodate the sidebar and overlay panel changes. Should at least be back to being functional again. For anyone tracking the main repo, try an update and things should be working again.

No worries. Where would be the fun if we weren’t leap frogging on the edge :wink: I’m more than happy to try and keep up and adjust as needed. All of the new dev changes are most welcomed from my perspective and the theme control is really coming along nicely.

I might update the readme to make it clearer that the themes are beta and tracking the dev build, which may result in breakages along the way.

Thanks, think I should be right. I’ve had look at the default theme and work you’ve done there. I’m looking to adjust the theme to integrate the new overlay scroll bars soon, but had some design tweaks planned for it, which is the cause of the delay there. Hopefully the existing scrollbars are functional for everybody until then.



Yah-hah! Soda is looking nicer still :smiley:

By far the best theme available (although pretty much the only one) :wink:



Wow, a truly beautiful theme. This should definitely be considered as the default UI.

I tweaked my own DobDark syntax theme so that it harmonises with Soda Dark. Result here:



Perfect! I use DobDark Syntax as my default!

This is brilliant!



Beautiful. I like it.



FYI, background_color was still left in the quick_panel definition, it is no longer used.