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SNOBOL4/SPITBOL highlighter available


I developed Sublime syntax coloring for SNOBOL4 and SPITBOL. I would like to make this contribution to the community. Who and where would I send?



Follow the instructions here :



Thanks. I see this package will be a new previously unavailable. Ha. But then again, probably not too many still interested in old programming languages. But I never seen my SNOBOL code look so pretty…



Yikes! Well it appears I have a lot of learning to do; GitHub etc. I have 2 files SNOBOL4.sublime-syntax and SNOBOL4.sublime-settings. I just looked at the source and remember how involved and complex it was to create. I certainly don’t remember the details. Yet it seems a clean and minimal implementation. Maybe it just a matter of slapping these two files on GitHub and following the instructions, but it would be found as is and I don’t expect to be able to maintain it.

Thanks again for the helpful directions.