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Snippets within snippets


Hey everyone!

It’d be great if snippets could be invoked while having a snippet invoked while having a snippet invoked while having a snippet invoked… or at least one layer of that. Right now, I can’t tab-complete a snippet while editing an invoked snippet.
I think this has been posted about in the support section, but since it doesn’t seem to be implemented, I guess it’s a feature request.

Best wishes,



Have you tried turning this setting on (as seen here it’s turned off by default):

	// Controls if auto complete is shown when snippet fields are active.
	// Only relevant if auto_complete_commit_on_tab is true.
	"auto_complete_with_fields": false,


Thanks for the reply! Unfortunately, setting that to true doesn’t work either.
For example:
I got a void+tab snippet and if I want to add "static " by using s+tab (works separately) while naming the method, I only jump to the next placeholder of the void snippet rather than triggering the static snippet first and requiring another tab to get to the next $. I guess the tab is used for jumping to the next placeholder before it could invoke checking for a snippet.