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I have fetched the zip file for Sublime Merge and indeed have the GUI application. The website mentions a command line tool “smerge” It wasn’t installed on my system. Where do I get it? What location is it installed in?

What I downloaded from the website was “”



It’s inside of Sublime Support/bin. It’s not installed by default; you need to either symlink it to a location on your path or add that location to your $PATH environment variable.

The steps for this are the same as for Sublime Text, except that the app is named Sublime instead of Sublime and the command line program is smerge and not subl.


Open Sublime Merge From Sublime Text

Many thanks. It works as expected.



This instruction really helped me. Thanks!

Note on macOS, there isn’t a space in the Shared Support part of the path. Here’s the full path:


To add to your path (again on macOS), pop this line into your ~/.bash_profile file:

export PATH=$PATH:/Applications/Sublime\


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Note, command line documentation is now found here:

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