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Smerge.exe mergetool on Windows


I cannot get the new mergetool feature of Sublime Merge 1107 behave well under Windows.

When specifying smerge as the difftool in .gitconfig like this:

cmd = 'C:/Program Files/Sublime Merge/smerge.exe' mergetool \"$LOCAL\" \"$REMOTE\"

Sublime Merge seems to prefix $LOCAL with the repository folder, which does not work since $LOCAL is an absolute filepath to a temporary file starting with C:\

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Using with `git difftool`

I am having the same issue using sublime merge in P4V as a merge tool. In that scenario is is prepending ‘C:\Program Files\Perforce’ to the path because that is where it is being executed from.

Having some more docs on using smerge as an external diff / merge tool would be great also.



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I think this was fixed in dev build 1108+, have you tried any of the newer versions yet?