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SM & ST: Fast toggle between last two projects


FEATURE REQUEST: Add to both ST & SM a a keyboard shortcut to quickly switch between the last two projects/repos.

RATIONALE: Both ST & SM are blazing fast at switching between two working projects via “Switch Project…” & “Switch Repository…”, respectively, , and the state of both apps is preserved as-is between each switch. This is very practical when working between two projects that share related contents, allowing to copy and paste snippets between the two — i.e. more practical than keeping two running ST/SM instances and have to switch between them (especially on Win OS, when there are many open windows across multiple desktops).

Being able to use (or configure) a single keyboard shortcut to toggle back and forth between the last two projects/repositories would make this even more practical — whereas currently the simplest way to achieve this is to asign custom keyboard shortcuts to the “Switch Project/Repository…” menus, which still requires the user to type the project/repo name (although smart fuzzy matching makes it quick).

The idea is taken from how Photoshop (at least version 7) handles Undo/Redo operations via keyboard, with CtrlZ toggling between undoing/reapplying the very last change (where CtrlAltZ/Y allow further Undos/Redos). This type of toggling operation being very common, a single shortcut was assigned to it to speed up work.

Maybe it would also be useful to allow shortcuts to switch projects/repos further down/up the last-opened history, thus allowing quick access to more than two projects.