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SM build 1201 Changed behaviour when indicating a repository


Hi all.

I used to open Sublime Merge from command line typing

$ smerge .

to have one (only one) SM window working on my current repository. I do my git things and then I close it. Usually I don’t keep SM opened.

The new build 1201 now opens two windows: the one I’m expecting to have and another one on the previously opened repository, sometimes the same repository of the first window.
Maybe this is the intended behaviour of this new version, but what I expect running SM explicitly indicating a repository is nothing more than a new window on that repository.

There is a way to tell SM to forget the last opened repository and open only one window?




Hi @clci,

Thank you for reporting this, I’ve begun investigating this issue!

- Dylan



@djohnston, I created a bug report to get the behavior to what it is now as it is different than Sublime Text:

However, there is a feature request to handle making it optional & should be added to Sublime Text as well if accepted: