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Slows down after a while, fine again on restarting


Running Build 4113 on a Mac, but this has occurred in previous versions.

After working away happily for a while I sometimes find (after perhaps days) that I get a sudden slowdown in response - a marked lag while typing. The lag might be nearly a second - a lot while you’re typing and editing. The only way I’ve found to fix this is to quit Sublime then immediately restart it, which leaves me nicely editing exactly as I was before only without the lag.

Since this doesn’t happen every day and the remedy is swift, this isn’t too awful unless it crosses with another bug whereby the re-started window appears off the screen - but that’s another problem… :slight_smile:

Does anyone else have the above (sudden slowdown) problem and is it something I’m doing?

Thanks all



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There are some performance issues in 4113 that are fixed in the latest development build. We’re looking to put out a stable build soon with those fixes.

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@rogerjane This may be related to this topic?
Anyway, I’m having the same problem on 4121 running macOS Monterey 12.0.1 (21A559)



Build 4126 on Windows 10.

Running into the problem described by op. I may have Sublime open for hours if not a day and at some point it just slows down to a crawl. I type a row of code, nothing happens, and then it all appears seconds later. This behavior continues until I restart Sublime, which immediately fixes it.

Even though it’s an easy fix, I’m quite annoyed by this considering I waited forever before updating to Sublime 4 (+ paying) and yet I’m still immediately facing an issue I never had before using Sublime 3 for years.



Does it happen in safe mode? I’ve had ST open for weeks and don’t see anything like that.