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Slow save of CSS file



So I’ve been trying out Sublime text 2 and have gotten to like it. I was going to purchase a licence once I finished my current project and got paid for it. :smile: I noticed a few days ago that when saving my CSS file that I’m working on (currently around 25k, 1000 lines including LOTS of skipped lines while I organize it), it takes a few seconds (sometimes around 5 seconds even!) for it to actually “save”, whereas in my php files (much smaller, admittedly), the save is instantaneous. I thought maybe it was because of the new version (I now have v.2 , build 2210) implementing a different nagging technique to get me to purchase a licence, so I went ahead and purchased, entered my code, but… I still get an annoying delay when saving my CSS file (and only that file, as far as I can tell!).

What can we do to trouble-shoot this? It’s really annoying! :smile:

I’m on a Win7 64-bit machine (getting my Macbook Pro Retina soon, yoohoo!)





I can confirm that I am having the same problem.

Seems like a critical bug, really needs to be fixed…



Phew, so it’s not just me!! I thought maybe it was ST2’s way of scolding me for my long and unoptimzied CSS file! It’s a work in progress, it’ll be cleaned up, I swear!! :smile:

So… any chance of us helping out in troubleshooting this? What do we need to do?



Does following these instructions change anything?



Yup, seemed to have fixed it. Ok, now what can I do to narrow down the culprit? I don’t want to have to manually restore all my settings, packages etc and find that I end up having the same problem…





Having this issue, myself. I tried disabling several of the recently installed plugins. Has anyone had any luck tracking down which plugin or setting is triggering this.

I am only seeing this occur on one specific CSS file, not all of them.



My issue was Javascript Enhancements plugin: seems weird since the problem was in a css file (.scss in my case), but removing multiple plugins one by one, this one immediately fixed it - was also seen in Tools -> Developer -> Profile Plugins under “on_modified” not on “on_post_save” and times were up to 8 seconds!!