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Simple FTP Deploy random error


Hi !
I use Simple FTP Deploy and it’s working the firsts times.
After saving 3-4 times two errors appears and I have to close et reopen sublime text.
The errors are :
First one :
[Simple FTP Deploy]
Could not set current working dir to ‘mydirectory’

Second one:
WinError 10053] An established connection was aborted by software on your host computer.

Thanks for any help !



I don’t use that package but the text of the second error makes it sound like it could be caused by:

  • Some sort of network error, like a timeout if the connection was supposed to be held open but wasn’t
  • Network firewalls getting in the way
  • Antivirus software deciding something is hinky

The first error could be a symptom of the second one; i.e. the plugin tries to do something and it fails because the connection has been closed, which causes it to notice the situation and report the second error in more detail.

Maybe tweaking the value of the connectionTimeout and/or passive settings may make it act better.

Apart from that you may want to report an issue directly with the package author to see if they have more insight. At a minimum it would help user experience if there was a way to close and reopen the state of the connection manually without having to restart Sublime to clear the error.



I tried connectionTimeout & passive, and it seems to work a little bit longer, but I get always the same error.
I gonna post on the package author.
Thanks for the help !