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Silently get version number of installed Sublime Text


Is there a simple way of determining which version of Sublime is installed via a command line or registry key on Windows? Trying to determine which version of Sublime is installed, and the registry does not have a DisplayVersion key for Sublime, nor does a version number show up in Add/Remove programs. If we can at least have a ...\sublime_text.exe --version, where it spits out the version number (example, 3207).



This already exists, but on Windows and MacOS you need to use subl and not sublime_text as the command to execute:

C:\Users\tmartin>subl --version
Sublime Text Build 3208

Windows and MacOS versions of Sublime ship with two executables; one that runs the actual application (sublime_text.exe and Sublime Text respectively) and a second application that is a command line interface to the main application named subl (on Linux, subl is only provided in packaged versions of Sublime and is just a script that executes sublime_text directly).

The main binary starts the application running, while subl is meant to be used to interact with Sublime from the command line. When you tell subl to open a file/folder/window/project or run a command, it passes that command on to the running Sublime Text instance (or starts it if it’s not running) and then exits (unless you tell it to -wait).

You can use subl --help to see all of the arguments that you can provide here; the version number is also displayed as a part of that help.

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