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Silencing Sublime Text 3 "Update Available" nag


I have a licensed version of Sublime Text 3 (Version 3.2.1, Build 3207)


Every time I open a new instance a popup advertising a new version is available appears. This is an unwelcome nag that I would like to know how to suppress. I have seen in the past that adding the preference
“update_check”: false

would eliminate this nag. But today it results in an error message indicating an error:
“Error trying to parse settings: Expected value in Packages\User\Preferences.sublime-setting:4:5”.

Please reply with a method to suppress this nag.
Thank you,



The Preferences.sublime-settings file needs to be valid JSON; based on the error message, you may have inserted the literal text you shared above (including { and }).

Double check the content of the file; It should look exactly like:

    "update_check": false,

That is, it starts with a {, it ends with a }, and all of the intervening lines are just "key": value,.