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Sidebar font-size


hi guys,
my first question:
is it possible to get a bigger font for the sidebar, or where can I change it in the theme.
reason: I am over 70 years old and would like to see my code without glasses :grinning:
thx Max



Using the PackageDev package, you can easily change the font size. Open the command palette with ctrl + shift + p and search for PackageDev: Edit Current Theme (After you install the package from package control. You can find it here) Selecting the option will open a new split window with the default settings on the left side & user defined settings (this is the place where you will define anything suiting your tastes with the left hand settings as a reference) on the right side. Add the following to the rules array

	"class": "sidebar_label",
	"font.size":  your_prefered_font_size,

Replace your_prefered_font_size with the font size you like. Save & the changes will take effect.


If you don’t want to install an additional package just for that purpose, you can also do it another way. Search for Preferences: Settings in the command palette. It will again open a new split window. Just check in the user settings, which theme you are using. For example, mine shows Adaptive.sublime-theme. Then go to Preferences -> Browse Packages from the main top menu. Create a new file in the User directory and name it Adaptive.sublime-theme (your’s might be different). Paste in the following:

	"variables": {
		// "font_face": "system",
	"rules": [

Add the json shown in the first solution to the rules array and saving should increase the desired font size.

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Sublime has crashed
must install completely new



ST works again
@UltraInstinct05 : PackageDev: installed
didn’t find Edit Current Theme
{ “class”: “sidebar_label”, “font.size”: your_prefered_font_size,}
had no effect
perhaps I did something wrong


@Aliter: it works, thank you




hello again,
if change the theme, i have to make for each theme a new file ***.sublime-theme into my user-folder ?
is that right ?
or is there a better place, perhaps in the theme’s folder ?




Any personal settings will go into the User directory. You can’t change the original theme files. Just try & edit them. You’d see they are non-editable. If you change the theme, then yes you’d again have to create a new .sublime-theme file in the User directory and place your custom settings there. Sublime will override the default settings with that.



It works for me. Did you check the console for any errors after you installed the package ? You can access the console by pressing ctrl + ` on windows/linux or cmd + ` on MacOS (I believe).



good morning UltraInstinct05
I’ve installed PackageDev: Edit Current Theme
I did, what you’ve said and
following console error appeared after changing font.size and saving:

Unable to open /C/Users/Herla/AppData/Roaming/Sublime Text 3/Packages/PackageDev/Package/PackageDev.sublime-settings<
and … there is really no /Sublime Text 3/Packages/PackageDev/

I found >PackageDev.sublime-settings< in the Users folder ???

your second solution still worked
I deleted for short time my self-made “Adaptive.sublime-theme” in the user-folder
same error.
my sidebar-font-size has changed, but not with PackageDev

?? Max

by the way
how did you make the GIF ??



I can’t tell offhand why PackageDev may not be working but if the Aliter worked for you, I think it’s fine :slightly_smiling_face:
The GIF is recorded using this neat tool for Windows.



it was worth thinking :grin:
Tools->Packages->Package Development … there is the whole stuff
it works
thanks a lot



As I recall, Windows places files depending on whether you install for all users or the current user. Application or system files go in one place and then user-specific config files go under either a user-specific folder or a shared folder for all users. Maybe something in Sublime expected you to install for all users