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Side bar toggle doesn't work in Linux


The default key-binds, ctrl+k and ctrl+b, do not toggle the side bar for some reason. I use ST 4143 on Linux.



Also, it looks like these key-bings, ctrl+k and ctrl+b, are by default assigned to other commands as well. Most importantly, ctrl+b is for build. Here are only a few examples:

	{ "keys": ["ctrl+k", "ctrl+b"], "command": "toggle_side_bar" },
	{ "keys": ["ctrl+k", "ctrl+v"], "command": "paste_from_history" },
	{ "keys": ["ctrl+k", "ctrl+d"], "command": "find_under_expand_skip" },
	{ "keys": ["ctrl+k", "ctrl+z"], "command": "revert_hunk" },
	{ "keys": ["ctrl+k", "ctrl+shift+z"], "command": "revert_modification" },
	{ "keys": ["ctrl+k", "ctrl+/"], "command": "toggle_inline_diff" },
	{ "keys": ["ctrl+k", "ctrl+;"], "command": "toggle_inline_diff", "args": { "prefer_hide": true } },

The list goes on.

Similar issues were discussed in the previous years but I haven’t found an answer:



Does it work in safe mode ?



No, it doesn’t.



Just to clarify based on your sharing of key bindings, ctrl+k,ctrl+b doesn’t mean that either key binding will do it, it means you have to press ctrl+k followed by pressing ctrl+b (that is why all of those bindings include ctrl+k in them).

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Thank you for pointing this out, I didn’t know that.

I tried changing the combination to something simple but now an error pops up when I save the key-binding file:

{ "keys": ["ctrl+]"], "command": "toggle_side_bar" },

“Error trying to parse file: Expected value in packages/User/Default(Linux).sublime-keymap:6:1”



There’s something wrong with your keybinding file at line 6; without seeing what it looks like it’s hard to say for sure, but commonly this happens when you either put a key binding outside of the [ and ] characters that start and end the file, or when you insert a key binding and the binding prior doesn’t have a , on the end of it.



I’ve just realized there was an extra letter on an empty line which I couldn’t see because of the yellowish MarkdownEditing color scheme. The shortcut now works.

Thank you for helping!

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