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Side Bar; Delete folder; no confirmation


I use quite often find in folder command from side bar which is very close to the command delete folder.


  • extreme proximity, it should be moved somewhere at the far end of the right click menu separated with additional breaker, or generally not be present by default

  • it doesn’t have confirmation dialogue

  • after the deletion, folder even stays in the sidebar, giving the impression that you didn’t really delete the folder unless you go check file manager. It should be immediately removed same as remove Folder from Project

seriously strange, I guess we might consider ourselfs lucky that it deletes in to Recycle Bin

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Completely agree, the sidebar delete, while handy is friggin dangerous.

edit: never mind, just realized this goes to trash.



I agree, this is pretty dangerous - would be pretty easy to build a package that would add a confirmation box into the workflow.



Man this is still driving me crazy. It’d be so much nicer to have a confirmation dialog or the ability to undo the removal. Super frustrating that it’s been doing this for years.

Update: I’d misread the description I though it was about the “Remove Folder from Project” option which has no confirmation. The “Delete Folder” option now has a confirmation dialog.



I’ve right clicked a folder in the side bar, intending to select ‘Remove Folder from Project’ and accidently select ‘Delete Folder’ - something in my brain keeps conflating those two concepts.

It deletes very quickly. Fortunately I have a backup, but I want to figure out how to disable this feature, or have it present an ‘Are you sure?’ dialog, to provide a safety guard rail for myself.



Deleting a folder shows a confirmation dialog when I try it?



other people that have reported this have had a third party plugin installed (maybe SidebarEnhancements) that messes with the default behavior and doesn’t show a confirmation dialog - so be sure to try in a clean state before assuming its an ST thing

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An Update request to add a confirm delete option for file deletion